Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!!!


Welcome to a new school year at Fayetteville Christian School!  This year will be the best year (yes, we think all years are the best)!  We want to welcome our new students & families!  We are so blessed and honored that you selected FCS to educate your children.

We want to send a very special welcome our new Elementary Teachers, Mrs. Ramirez in 1st, Mrs. Hays in 2nd, and Mrs. Taylor in 4th.  We also want to send a special welcome our new Secondary teachers, Mr. Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Mr. McLarty, & Ms. Vaughn.  We also wish to send a very special welcome Mrs. Francis, though she is not a new teacher at FCS, she is new to the Secondary level!  Welcome to you all and thank you for your service to FCS this year!  We will be praying for you and we hope to bless you as much as you have all blessed us.

We now have the updated Teacher’s Email contact listing and the FCS 2015-2016 School Handbook on the Downloads page of our site.

Please visit the Downloads Page to view and print the FCS Teacher’s Email List, FCS 2015-2016 School Handbook, and other important information.



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