Friday, December 1st, is FCS FAST FRIDAY!


This Friday, December 1st,  we will have FAST FRIDAY.  School will dismiss at 1:30pm.  Please remember that 5th Period is extended for 7th-12th Grades.

The Lunch Room will prepare and serve lunch to K5-6th Grade.  7th – 12th Grade students will need to bring a lunch.

** There will be Basketball Practice for the FCS Lady Eagles this Friday even though it is a Fast Friday.  Practice is from 3:00 – 4:30 pm.  In the New Gym.  They have a game on Monday.

Fast Friday’s are held on the first Friday of every month.  These days are Teacher In Service days.  Students attend school in the morning and are dismissed early and teachers attend training and meetings for the remainder of the afternoon.

For more information, refer to the FCS 2017-2018 Handbook on page 16 – 17.