Computer Resources – Acceptable Use Policy


Fayetteville Christian School (FCS) is pleased to provide computer access to all students. The goal of our technology curriculum is to enable students to effectively use computers as a tool for learning and communication. Computer assignments will correspond with the classroom instruction. Students will learn keyboarding skills, as well as begin to learn to use productivity applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentation programs and database applications.

We want to assure all parents that Internet access at the school is very limited. In reality, the only computers with Internet access are staff computers. Secured wireless access is available is available on campus. Its only authorized use is for staff computers only. Computer time will be a supervised learning experience.

Please go to our “Downloads” page and download the form called “Computer Resources-Acceptable Use Policy”. It is designed to inform you and the students about our computers and the responsibility of using them. We need permission to allow your child to take advantage of our resources. We must have an Acceptable Use Policy Signature Form for every child in 7th – 12th grade. Students may not use the computer resources until the Acceptable Use Policy Signature Form is signed and returned. If you have any questions, please contact the school.

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