Thank you for your interest in Fayetteville Christian School. We hope that our website provides you with a good understanding of our ministry to students and their families in Northwest Arkansas.


Fayetteville Christian School is such a unique place!  The Lord has blessed this ministry throughout the years, since 1978.  There are so many qualities that set FCS apart from other schools.  These qualities derive from our guiding mission to “provide an affordable Christian education based upon the Bible, enabling our students to develop Christian character, to establish a sound academic foundation for their future, and to promote the Biblical worldview”.  Our uniqueness can be summed up in the following five ways:


FCS diligently strives to provide families in NWA with a quality private school education that is truly affordable.  All of our qualified teachers volunteer their time as a ministry to the students and families we serve.  Many FCS families volunteer time to staff our programs and personnel needs.  These willing volunteers are truly the heartbeat of our school!  This model of volunteerism, along with a conservative budget, allows us to pass on the savings to you!  You can compare the cost of student enrollment below.  FCS is “NWA’s most affordable Christian education!”

The Influence of God’s Word:

Our curriculum integrates God’s Word throughout each subject and within each grade level.  FCS uses a combination of Bob Jones Press, ABeka Book, and other sources.  These curriculums are rigorous and integrate God’s Word and perspective.  Students have Bible classes and chapels that they attend.  The FCS curriculum combines sound academic standards and educational principles with Biblical truth.

Our Focus on Christian Character:

Due to our smaller classes, we can easily maintain a protective and nurturing environment within our school.  Our teachers model Christian character through their loving service to our students.  We also monitor the behavior of our students very carefully. Here at FCS, we seek to use teachable moments in building each child’s character from a Biblical perspective and approach.  As a school, we focus on monthly character words and learn scripture that address these valuable qualities that God desires from His children.

Proven Sound Academics:

Time and time again, FCS students soar!  Our seniors consistently outperform the Arkansas state averages each year.  The ACT Cooperation reported that over the past five years 83% of FCS Seniors are ready for College English whereas 60% of AR students are.  It also reported that 67% of FCS students are ready for College Algebra, and only 32% of AR Seniors got this rating.  That’s double the state average!  As you can see, our curriculum is ensuring FCS students are better prepared for college.  FCS also offers duel credit courses in partnership with NWACC.



Our annual standardized test scores have consistently shown that a majority of our 5-12 grade students are 2 grade levels above and beyond their public school peers.  We attribute this to the strong academic foundation they are building within our curriculum.  We are very proud of our students and their academic success!

Promotion of the Biblical Worldview

Our strong academic foundation, saturated in the Biblical perspective, and modeled by our loving staff allows our students to go into the world well-equipped in making a positive impact for Christ.


If you believe that FCS may be the right place for your child(ren), and you’d like more information regarding the specific details of our policies, procedures, and pricing, please click here and you will be routed to an Inquiry Form. Using that form, you will be able to input your contact information and other data and submit it to our Admissions Office. Our Admissions Director will gladly contact you to provide further information.

*International Students*

International students and their families should contact Mrs. Alicia Deavens, our International Student Advisor, for information regarding the specific application process and documentation required for international admissions. Please email her at for information.


FCS utilizes the RenWeb student information system. In order to apply to FCS, you should click here and you will be routed to our Online Application site. Once there, you will be prompted to create an online login. Once you have set up your login, you will be able to enter information which will be used by our Admissions Committee to determine your child’s enrollment eligibility.  PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged a $25.00 non-refundable application fee, which will be collected prior to the admittance decision. 


For students who have been admitted or for those who will be returning, the custodial parent will receive an invitation to complete the student’s enrollment packet.